Honda Fireblade CBR1000 RR
News about the Honda CBR1000 RR Fireblade


The 2009 Fireblade has arrived and the big news for the new model CBR1000RR is ABS! Check out  for the full story & more photos on how Honda will continue to dominate the 1000cc class in 09.


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If your looking to extract some additional power out of your 2008 Fireblade one of the first things to consider would be a quality aftermarket exhaust system or slip on muffler. Used inconjunction with the correct engine mapping this is most often the most cost effective ways to unlock some addition HP. Not only that most systems look trick and bling is priceless right?


The major update to the Honda Fireblade has been with us for a while now, we have plenty of feedback on the 2008 fireblade so now it’s time to start  looking at what might be changed on the 2009 Fireblade . Some of the teething issues outlined on the 08 model need to be sorted, there is nothing major on the cards other than some oil consumption issues being reported, some discolouration of the exhaust and some people are reporting paint quaily issues. These things should be simple to fix. The other ace Honda is holding is the new “brake by wire” technology that should be in place on the CBR600RR for 09. It remains to be seen if it will appear on the CBR1000RR, my guess is that we will be seeing the introduction of the ABS in 2010.


The Honda 900rr fireblade is where the Honda Fireblade story began over a decade ago. 1992 was the first year of production to be exact. A concept that aimed for more power and less weight & much better handling. Once again in 2008 Honda has raised the bar in both performance and handling, the 08 blade lives on in the true tradition.


AMCN ran their 600cc shootout this month and some surprising results were delivered, the Honda CBR600RR finished in 4th place, yes that is 4th place on both street and track!

1st Overall – Suzuki GSXR-600 2nd on track / 2nd on road
2nd Yamaha YZF-R6 1st on track 5th on road
3rd Triumph Daytona 675 3rd on track 1st on road
4th Honda CBR600RR – 4th on track 4th on road
5th Kawasaki ZX-6R 5th on track 5th on road

I guess this is why you can’t put much stock in magazine shootouts hey! Maybe they throw a dart at a board to determine the winners or maybe it is based on who has the biggest advertising budget for a given month – whatever! The modern 600cc machines are so close these days that they are all good value for money. Even a 3 or 4 year old 600 is still a great option. Check out what the riders are saying about the 600cc shootout results 



Buying a used motorcycle can be a bit of a minefield, often it is good to talk with the guys that ride them every day and that have an established reputation and history you will quickly learn what to look out for with the different model machines. Honda have one of the best names in the motorcycle industry for build quality and perfomance so spending time on talking with the members is time well spent. When you do decide to make a purchase your going to get advice from some of the best people in the industry.  If you take the time to research the market and the machines, then make sure you know how and what your going to use the motorcycle for your setting yourself up for the best possible experiences. Happy buying, safe riding.!


We have just launched for Honda Motorcycle owners to use. The site will offer a range of information for fans of the CBR and other Honda machines. Want to find out about a new model or find an aftermarket exhaust system for yoru CBR then fb0 is the place to go!

Things you will find include steering dampers, Honda Jackets, Alram systems and new and used Hondas!

Take a look at the site and post your feedback.


So for all of you CBR400 fans we have a new section on our forum to discuss all aspects of the baby blade.

Straight away this part of the site has become popular with lots of members posting images and discussion on little Honda. As things stand we are letting the other CBR250 and CBR125 owners post in this part of the site.

Another part of the evolution of fireblades is the new swap setcion where you can swap parts, bikes, gear and accessories. Check it out !

For those of you whol like the fireblade then of course the CBR1000RR photos thread is a great read also, the 2008 fireblade is winning a lot of praise to don’t miss your chance to check out the latest tips and advice from the guys who ride them day in and day out.


Our Honda Motorcycles forum has now introduced an online “auctions” section for our members and guests, the section runs real time auction feeds with thousands of new and used motorcycles, spare parts and aftermarket accesories. If your looking for the new cbr 600 or cbr 1000 then check over the site and click on the “live auctions” links iin red at the top of the page.